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Web Site Security HTTPS

You may have seen or heard that Google has been encouraging websites to become secure by installing site certificates. A Site Certificate transforms your website from insecure http, to secure https. This has been talked about as being the way forward for a year or more.

It would now appear that Google has decided that from October this year, non https sites will be penalised in their site rankings. They will also show a warning message in their Chrome Browser.

Therefore it is absolutely vital that all websites are switched to https NOW.

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How to Delete Google Birthdays Calendar

If you do a search on the web there are many posts about how difficult it is to delete the Google Birthdays Calendar which so many people want to do. There is no way to delete it but you can hide it.

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Firefox Roll back

If you like me do not like the current Firefox version you can roll back to an earlier very easily.

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Your computer is at risk: Real-Time Scanning: Off

I found that I had this problem with McAfee Anti Virus Plus. The real Time Scanning would turn itself off and despite me turning it back again would only stay that way for a few moments before turning off again.

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