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How to Delete Google Birthdays Calendar

If you do a search on the web there are many posts about how difficult it is to delete the Google Birthdays Calendar which so many people want to do. There is no way to delete it but you can hide it.

One solution was to navigate to Interesting Calendars and Unsubscribe, however that seems to have been changed by Google or at least with my account I have no Birthdays listed.

But there is a way! A better way of dealing with Important Dates such as Birthdays and Anniversaries.

First of all DO NOT USE Google Birthdays as a Calendar. You have little control over it especially as if you have a Google+ account.

Create a New Calendar and call it ‘My Birthdays’ or whatever you want to call it. Use this to add all the Birthdays and Anniversaries you want just as any other Google Calendar.

Now you have full control over this Calendar.

It looks like there is no way of deleting the standard Google Birthday Calendar however there is a way of hiding it.

On the left hand side (Left Column) of Calendar under your list of Calendars is a link to Other Calendars

Use the Drop Down Arrow and go to Settings

This takes you a screen that allows you to Uncheck the Show in List. This hides the Calendar

Job Done! (at least for now until Google decides to change this!!!)



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