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Website Marketing

Marketing your business should be centred on your website. Social Media can play an important part in your Marketing Strategy but ultimately you will want users to visit and bookmark your website so they can return regularly.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. I would add to that the word profitably, as all businesses, unless a charity, are likely to need to make a profit!

There are a whole host of descriptions available on the internet and the topic could be discussed at great length but the purpose of this is to focus your thoughts on the importance of using your website to your greatest advantage.

Most if not all other methods of informing your customers and potential customers are transitory, Social Media especially so. Your post on Facebook can be lost in minutes.  If a person has 100 friends who post once every other day that's 50 a day, add the liked pages and then the Facebook Ads the numbers roll on.

By linking your Social Media and all other advertising and promotions back to your website your message is available for as long as you want it to be and with the potential customer on your site you have the opportunity to really engage with them resulting with ideally a purchase.

We will work with you to efficiently utilise your website as part of your Marketing Strategy




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