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How to Set Up a new Microsoft Outlook Email Account

There follows the steps necessary to set up an email account in Microsoft Outlook by entering the information manually. There are options to do this from within cPanel that are supposed to work automatically but often they just do not, so by following these steps you can do it easily and quickly. This article assumes that you have already created your email account from within cPanel. If you have not here are the instructions.

These instructions are all based on Microsoft Outlook 2010 but the principles should apply to most if not all versions of Outlook.

One choice that you will need to make is that of POP or IMAP email. The notes provided within cPanel are not that helpful but I found a web page that describes the pro's and con's very well; this is the link. However in case of a broken link I have lifted it and you can read it here.


Open Outlook and click on File


Select Account Settings


Click on New


Click on Email Account


Click on Manually Configure Server Settings and Additional Servers Types


Click on Internet E-Mail


The information that you will need to set up your Outlook email account is is found in cPanel. Open cPanel and click on Email Setting, scroll down until you see one of your email accounts and click on Set Up Mail Client. How to Access cPanel



This screen below provides the information you need.

Your Username will be the email address you have set up so will be something like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Incoming and Outgoing Server will be

You will see that you have two different Port settings for IMAP and POP your choice will depend on which service you will be using.


Add the information to this screen as shown below. Then click on the More Settings Button.


Check that your Tabs look like this making any changes as required.


You will require authentication.


This should already be set like this.


Select SSL from the drop down list then check and amend if required the Incoming and Outgoing Server numbers to match those supplied in the cPanel Email Set Up Screen above.

Once you are happy that your settings are correct click OK to return to this screen.

You have a choice but I suggest that you Click on Test Account Settings. This will check that you have entered the information correctly and that Outlook can communicate with your server. A pop-up will open and show you the progress as below



If there is an error then you will have a message to say so. It will probably be due to a typo or incorrect setting.

Once you have a successful test close the pop up.


To finish un-check the box that says Test Account Settings by Clicking the Next Button as you have already tested, then click Next




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