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How to Set Up a new Microsoft Outlook Email Account

There follows the steps necessary to set up an email account in Microsoft Outlook by entering the information manually. There are options to do this from within cPanel that are supposed to work automatically but often they just do not, so by following these steps you can do it easily and quickly. This article assumes that you have already created your email account from within cPanel. If you have not here are the instructions.

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How to Access the Administration Area of your Joomla Website

A website built using Joomla has an Administration area that provides all of the functions needed to build and manage your website. the Administration area is accessed using your Username and Password.

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What is an SSL Certificate?

You may have heard the term SSL or perhaps you are wondering what it is that "secures" a web site. You may also have noticed that some sites have a small sometimes green padlock showing by the URL. You will likely have heard references to secure transactions taking place when you enter data to a website especially when you buy or pay for something online.

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How to Access cPanel

Your website is hosted on our servers and has the world leading hosting software cPanel, available to you to manage your site.

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So you have a shiny new website all up to date and working well. That's it then. Nothing more to do, sit back and relax. Well not quite. Once your website is ready and goes live many people think that this is the end but there is not an end to maintaining your website. Like any part of your business there is always a regular maintenance needed.

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Some Website Jargon Explained

If you are new to the world of websites apart that is from browsing, you may be unsure of some of the terms used that many documents often appear to assume that you already know. So here is a list of often used terms and a brief description of what they mean.

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Updating Joomla Software

Do you have a Joomla website? Is the Joomla software and any Extensions up to date?

New versions of Joomla are published regularly, these do contain bug fixes and extra features but they are also a major source of security fixes. Fixes for where it has been found that hackers can gain illegal access to either your site, your server or both and you may not know about it! If you do not update your software your site is highly vulnerable to being hacked.

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